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I’m international.

Hello boys and girls, brothers and sisters, and welcome to my first English article which some of you where expecting for a long time. Since I arrived here in Larnaca Cyprus, I had the pleasure to meet some extraordinary people non-Romanians, that asked me when I’m going to write also in English for that they can read the shit I have in my brain.

Because I’m a laisy person, of course I was always sugested them to use the Google Translate tool in order to read this blog. I even tried to write on a different blog just in English, but the fact is that I prefer more to acces this one, which is like my child. After all almost 3 years passed from my first post here.

Enough with the bullshit, let’s write something now. I have a lot of things to say and I really don’t know with what to start. Usually I’m an expert on speaking more about nothing, if I’m in a good mood. And today might be your fuckin’ lucky day.

Because of my job, which it’s just something temporary like my last job (5 years in the same field of activity – to give you a clue of what „temporary” means for me -), I have the oportunity to meet loots of people of different nationalities. And until today, I was considering that the russians are the worst nation from any point of view. But Russia is big and I’ve also seen exceptions from the main pattern.
The english people where nice and made me a good impression in general terms. But England is big. Even if it’s small, after all. I’ve seen some specimens who really made me to consider the worst russian clients as being poor, inocent little lambs in comparizon. Yes, I know. My English sucks. This is for those Romanians who are reading these lines of real art and are thinking to leave me comments about how my English does suck.

So. The english big family which is driving me crazy these days. They drink a lot. Which is not a bad thing. They are in holidays. But they stink. Really, the smell of the air changes each time they are in the house. They are very noisy. They act like they are the only clients I have. They don’t know how to wait. In a way, like some romanians. At least the romanians and the russians have something in common: they have the concept of standing in line for something. I guess our common communist past can be blamed. But the english people have a bloody excuse. A damn’ canadian told me one day: we are anglo-saxons! We always win. I guess he was right. People consider the russians as being alcoholics. Why? Because they drink their vodka in the comfort of their own houses? And the english are not. If is on a public place that doesn’t make you an alcoholic. Not even after 12 pints with beer and 6 whiskeys. You are just an inocent bloody social drinker.

Personnaly, I hate the most the greek clients. And I love the most the french clients. But about them on a different, future article.

I’m asking everybody who’ll want to comment on this post, to do it only in English. Otherwise, my next article will be written in Russian. 🙂



  1. Ce vorbesti, Frantz, ori esti neamt? 😉

  2. I preffer english, couse my russian îs so fuckin` drunk, since school time 🙂

  3. English people are one of the few nations blessed with the opportunity of acting like wild animals under the careful cover of „socialising”. 🙂

  4. Cristina,
    you have to comment again, but this time make sure you’ll do it in English. 🙂

  5. Marius,
    I think your English is also drunk. 🙂

  6. Mihai,
    all animals are equal, but some are more equal than the other. 🙂

  7. all animals are equal, but some are more equal than the other,I guess this is the best way of expressing it.As British always had a big influence on the rest of the world – specialy in the middle ages,I guess all their habits are treated as socialy accepted.But as you said Ionut,we must not forget, that we cannot judge a country by its masses,cause there always will be exeptions.those – most likely who dont fit in the ordinary stables of sheep bazed society.

  8. This is a very interesting point of view. Your blog is refreshing, but I wish one could find more content, though. I am looking forward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work. thanks.

  9. OK …

  10. „today might be your fuckin’ lucky day” :))
    Your English is good, your opinions about the nations you met are also very close to the truth (here I would add the Philippines as the worst :D) and keep going with articles in English!

    PS: The English can’t take more then 2 or 3 beers and 1 whiskey :))

  11. you are stupid….

  12. thanks, can you give me some arguments to sustain your theory?

  13. …the shit I have in my brain. (written by you)

  14. @ Charlottea73
    I think that shit was already in ur brain 😉

  15. Hope,
    I couldn’t say it better. Thanks! 🙂

  16. As you might remember, I was the one to guess your new location on the map. As you for sure don`t know, your situation was one reason,a little one to say, that helped me make up my mind and lkeave Romania 3 weeks ago. I live among them now, of course it`s not a long enough time, BUT: as a man that was a journalist back in Brasov and have met a lot of British overthere and sees them now into their country, i can tell you one thing: the only thing ERomanians and British got coommon is the appetite for drinking. Queing is not a romanian asset. Everywhere there they show respect and all you can hear is sorry, are you all right etc. I ongo on very lowlevel job overhere but the manager always assigns tasks to me by saying „I kindly ask you to…”, not „I order ypu to…”. Even when they`re angry, they try at least to smile. Of course they all are addicted to drinking and a lot of them to smokingh grass. But only after work or on holiday. That1s what they make them different, beside the right wheel. By the way, it is not Scripcaru who invented the round-abouts (giratorii ot Brasov). Just come to Swansee to see the old church that the City Hall closed up and surrounded with yellow paint as a round-aboiut. Anyway, rusiians are for sure and better alcoholics. I can see right here, where they stick to the bulgarians against „romanian danger”, as the British appreciate more our work and also way to live life. Just fpor the record, i did not reffer to English, but Britis. I live Welsh, and that1s kind of a Brasov in a strange Romania. All the best

  17. „Everywhere there they show respect and all you can hear is sorry, are you…”
    I meant Everywhere here” in the UK. Sorry for the rush, the There changes all the meaning.

  18. Thanks for your English comment, my friend. I wish you all the best in your new life far away from the place we both, unfortunately, call home.

    It is fascinating for a while to observe and compare everything what you see on the outside, with the grey, depressing reality of Romania. But you will get bored at some point, and you’ll start to see also the good parts of your country.

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