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The way of the weasel

I’m going to tell you a story which follows the humankind even since the beginnings of time. I don’t want to be to deep so I’ll try to keep my story very simple and easy to read and digest. All you have to do is just to remember that what you see written on this blog is just my subjective point of view.

Humans are divided in some categories of persons. There are a lot, but I like to take just three basic types in consideration:
1. The ones who fight
2. The victims
2.1 The colateral victims
3. The weasel

Probably you are asking yourself whatta’ fuck this guy wants to say about the weasel, because as we all have been learning in kindergarden, the weasel is an innocent and shy small animal, a little bigger than the ordinary, common rat. Well..

The weasel is that type of person which happens to be the most repulsive being among all the creatures of God. And among all humans. Most of us had to bare shitty situations because of a weasel. And in case not, there is enough time and there is always a weasel eager to fuck you. Don’t worry, he just waits for you around the corner.

Usually the weasel has the look of a honest man, harmless in appearance, just like the small forest rat I was describing above. That is why I call this detestable type of person, the weasel. He is built for butt kissing and anus licking. Especially if we refer to a boss’s big hairy ass. The weasel’s tongue can be so soft and silky that it can cause addiction itself. Because bosses are always weak and greedy people. Generally speaking.

You can work as much as ten people yourself. If a fucking weasel plugged his tongue into the brown cave, then is the end for you. The boss will always see how competent is the incompetent and how incompetent is the proficient employee you where before the weasel’s age. You got the point. Of course, only smart people are visiting this blog.

The weasel was designed for destroy other people’s lives. Becase the ones who fight are less and less everyday that passes. The human society has this sad trend of being composed just from the victims and the weasel. And of course, colateral victims. Sometimes, the weasel may get some ass kicked, because he was messing up with the wrong guy. But this is like a knife with to blades. Because it only makes him stronger this ass kicked. He never quits, he never learns the good things, to do it in the good way. The weasel only learns how to be even more weasel than he already is, even more dangerous for the environment.

Of course I’ve had weasels in my life. Right now one of them is working hard to fuck me. The thing is that he doesn’t realise yet that he picked a bigger fish than he can handle. And when I’m going to hit him, I’ll make sure that he will not fuckin’ forget me all of his pitty life. And I’m taking in seriously all my promisses.

Recap: the only way to defeat a weasel is by using his own methods. Just be a fighter, give him a bit of his own medicine, and always cover your back. A weasel is always a weasel. He can stab you from behind if you do the stupid act of underestimating him.

Use the way of the weasel my friends. But only if you have to deal with one of their kind.



  1. Good morning ,young man
    I was read your story and i agreed with you just a question the boss in a man or a woman????
    in democracy everything is a jungle if you are a monkey y are dead if you are a lion y are the king so all you have to do is to become a lion so start hunting the monkeys.

  2. Dear Black Cat,
    am I talking in my article about lions and monkeys? Nope. Just about the weasels. And ways to fight against persons like them.

    Your example with the lions and the monkeys is good. Excerpt that usually lions eat impalas. 🙂 Which is like a goat. But bigger.

  3. try to improve your english,ashole…and after make yourelf a blog..

  4. Maybe you can try (if you can) to learn some fuckin’ basic English, hooker.. but I don’t think you are smart enough to do it. Go fuck yourself on other blogs.

  5. Oops.. I forgot.. this is the English spoken in Suceava.. I know who are you. Don’t try to use different names. You are the same fuckin’ slave as always.

  6. Ionut I love u!!!!!…God damn it, your so good!!!

  7. Ok people I will probably break all the nice conversations you have here by saying just one thing – evil will never disappear if you fight it with evil. Open your eyes people by putting petrol in the fire you just make the flames bigger. No one either can destroy your life or influence it if you don’t let him/her yourself to do it! If you do treat people the way you don’t want to be treated- what makes you better person than the weasel itself. It just puts you in the same fence with all the rest of the sheep’s which blindly follow one each other!
    Peace and love brothers and sisters

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